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FRIDAY 10.11.19

5 Rounds:
1min. of Power Cleans
1min. of Rest
1min. of Rowing for MAX Cals
1min. of Rest
1min. of Bench Press
1min. of Rest
1min. of Double Under's
1min. of Rest
Round 1 is 50%
Round 2 is 60%
Round 3 is 65%
Round 4 is 70%
Round 5 is 75%

*These are kind of a guideline of where I'd like you to be based off of your 1RM. These don't work for everyone, so just be aware that I'd like you to start light, get your reps in, and then be slowly building to less reps and get some strength in. You last set should only be like 2-3 reps of Cleans and Bench. Your first set should be like 15-20 reps.

A good double unders score is 60-75 in a minute

A good rowing score would be 20 for men and 15 for the ladies.
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