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FRIDAY 11.1.19

18:00 to hit a heavy complex:

3 Front Squats + 3 Push Jerks
- Shoot for about 5-6 "working" sets.
- Rest :90 Between sets
- Split Jerks are ok also
- Stay light or go for broke (depends how you're feeling)

13:00 running clock...
1000 M Row "buy in"
then in remaining time, complete as many rounds as possible:
14 Air Squats 
7 T2B 


3 Rounds
10 Hammer Curls (10L/10R)
15 Shrugs 
20 Knees to Elbow (L+R=1)

All this is done with Dumbells.
Knees to elbows are done in plank position. 

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