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FRIDAY 2.7.20

18:00 to
1.) Slowly build to a 1RM

2.) Work on technique and hit sets of 3 at a time
3.) Complete a 3 position snatch and slowly build in weight each set (Best for beginners or anyone who has a sticky point in their snatch)
4.) 3 Rep "Touch and Go" MAX

*Shoot for :90 between sets and just get as many sets in as you can in that 18:00 window. Form is key today.

*If you don't know which # to choose, ask a coach and they will recommend based on your skill level.

For Time
30 Cals Bike 
40 Push Jerks 
30 Burpees 

20 Cals Bike 
30 Push Jerks 
20 Burpees 

10 Cals Bike 
20 Push Jerks 
10 Burpees 

Women: 45-95 
Men: 75 - 135

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