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MONDAY 11.4.19

Back Rack Lunge 
5 Reps on each leg (10 total)
immediately into;
5 Lateral DBell Lunges on each leg (You should know how much you can do by now. Try going heavier than usual.)
Rest 90sec. Between Sets. Shoot for 4-5 Sets in a 18:00 Window.

**The next two weeks will be about those killer accessory lifts between cycles. This lifts are such a great way to hit areas that we can sometimes overlook. Keep at it and have some fun with these METCONS!!
15:00 AMRAP:
8 Pull-Ups
10 DB Hang Clean and Jerks (5ea. arm) 50/35
14/12 Cal Row
This is a version of 18.1 from last year but 5:00 shorter. Work on faster pace, more efficient reps. LEGIT reps also.
*RX+ is CTB pull-ups.
*RX++ is 70/50lb. DB for 8 reps
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