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MONDAY 12.30.19

Dec. 31st 5:30/11:30am Classes / Open Gym 4-5pm 
Jan. 1st - No Classes 
Jan. 2nd Regular Class Schedule 

It's time to get back on track and start fresh in 2020!
And what better way than with the VITAL30 Nutrition Challenge 💪🔥

Challenge starts Monday, Jan 6th ends Feb 6th (30 days!)

Follow the link for more Information and details on how to sign up follow the link and let's get after It!

Single Leg Back Squats  (5 sets x 6 reps on ea. leg)
Your foot will be back on a bench behind you. Get comfortable with your stance and your foot position before you add weight.  This movement is going to target those glutes! 
Link to video demo

Buy In: 1000 M Row
Immediately into 
6 Rounds 
7 Thrusters 
7 T2B 
7 American KB Swings 

Thruster 65 - 95
KB 45 - 70
Thruster 45 - 65
KB 20 - 55
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