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SATURDAY 1.11.20

Teams of 2 
Min 1- Row 
Min 2 - Hang Power Snatch 
Min 3 - Deadlift 
Min 4 - Pull Ups
Min 5 - Rest 

Teams must accomplish 
100 Cal Row 
100 Hang Power Snatch 
100 Deadlift 
100 Pull Ups 

M : 65 - 95 
W 45 - 65

M : 115-155 
W: 75-105

You only get to work at each station for 1min. before you switch. If you finish all the reps on a particular station, then just go to the next one. Stay in whatever ever order you start in, but always keep that 1 minute rest at the end. Even if you finish say 4 out of the 5 movements, you still have to do the 1min. rest.

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