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SATURDAY 12.21.19

12 Days of Christmas WOD 

1 Shoulder to OH
2 Hang Power Clean 
3 Deadlift  
4 Burpees
5 Pull Ups 
6 Wall Balls 
7 Hand Release Push Ups 
8 Cals Bike 
9 Kettlebell Swings 
10 Alt. Front Rack Lunge 
11 Box Jump Over
12 Squat Cleans 

Men: 95 - 135 
Women: 55 - 95

KB/Box /WB
Men: 45 - 55 / 20-24" / 16-20
Women: 20-35 / 18 - 20" / 10-14
*50:00 time cap

This’ll be a fun one, but be sure to scale appropriately........If this is your first time to do this wod maybe partner up with someone and make it a team WOD! 

Goes just like the song 1 then 2,1 then 3,2,1 then 4,3,2,1.......HAVE SOME FUN WITH THIS!!!

We will be kicking off the Vital Christmas Party directly after the workout(10:00am)....Join is for a little brunch action, mimosas, and Santa for the kiddos! 

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