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VITAL30 Nutrition Challenge! 
It's time to get back on track and start fresh in 2020!
And what better way than with the VITAL30 Nutrition Challenge 💪🔥

Challenge starts Monday Jan. 6th ends Feb 6th (30 days!)
Deadline to sign up Sunday Jan. 5th. 

Follow the link for more Information and details on how to sign up follow the link and let's get after It! 

20:00 EMOM
Min. 1) 2-3 Power Snatch (climbing)
Min. 2) 15-20  Air Squats 

After 10:00  switch to Power Clean and Jerk (Climbing)

*Goal here to start at something around 50% of your 1 rep max and slowly climb for 5 sets before switching to Clean and Jerks. If you're feeling good, you may subtract a rep and hit heavy doubles as you get warm. Need more work on your technique rather than weight? Just do 5 reps for all minutes

Score is your heaviest 3 rep snatch and 3 rep clean and jerk COMBINED

10 Rounds 
3 Devil Press 
5 10 meter shuttle Sprints 

10:00 Time Cap 

Men: 35 - 50's
Women: 15 - 35's 

*Really move on this Metcon! This should feel like a fast hard hustle.......Try and push to the end! 


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