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THURSDAY 10.10.19

Back Rack Lunge 
8 Reps on each leg. Put your front foot on a 45lb. plate for a slight deficit.


Single Leg RDL 
8 Reps on each leg.

Video Instruction:

Rest 2min. and start back at the top. 20min. Window. Shoot for 4-5 Sets. Build in weight as much as possible with solid form on each.

14:00 AMRAP:
10 Cal Assault Bike
10 Toes To Bar
7 Deadlifts

*Rounds 1-2 is 165/115
*Rounds 3-4 is 185/135
*Rounds 5-6 is 225/155
*Rounds 7-8 is 265/185
You increase weight every 2 rounds. Scaled is just lighter #s. Choose something that you do not have to break until maybe round 5.

If you finish round 8, you may stay at that weight or increase more if you can.

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