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THURSDAY 12.19.19

Three Position Snatch 
Spend 20:00 Working on this:
Position 1.) Above the knee
Position 2.) Below the knee
Position 3.) From the floor
*Rest 1-2min. After Each Set and keep going until clock runs out.

*Pause for 1-2sec. at each position and keep your posture tight. Shoulders should always be slightly in front of the bar. Hips at just enough angle where you can feel it on your hamstrings.

*One of these positions will not feel natural to you and that's why we do it. Getting through those sticky spots makes ALL the difference.

15:00 to complete 
Hang Power Snatch 75/55
Box Jump 24/20"
Immediately into:
Front Rack Lunge 75/55
Push Up 

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