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TUESDAY 1.14.20

EMOM x 20:00
Odd: 5 Push Jerks (climbing)
Even: Pick 1 Pull Exercise

Option 1: 5 Strict Pull Ups / Weighted Pull Ups 
Option 2: 6 Kipping/Butterfly pull up 
Option 3: 2-3 Muscle Ups
*ONLY pick ONE and stick with it the whole time
*Switch your grip to underhand at any moment on pull-ups
*Scaling can jumping pull ups/negatives, or ring rows

15:00 to get as far as possible 
10 Cals Bike
20 Double Unders
10 HSPU's

Round 2: 9 HSPU's
Round 3: 8 HSPU's
Round 4: 7 HSPU's
... All The way to 1

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