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WEDNESDAY 11.13.19

EMOM x 3:00 
2-3 Power Snatch From The High Hang
EMOM x 3:00
2-3 Power Snatch From The Low Hang
EMOM x 3:00
2-3 Power Snatch From The Floor

2:00 Transition to Power Cleans

(Exact same sequence, but with Power Cleans)

*Focus on your butt and chest position on each position of the lifts. Understanding where to be and when is everything.
*KEY points: Knuckles down, eyes forward, hook grip hard, tight lats, SWEEP into the pockets.
*2 reps for those of you going heavy. 3 for the beginners looking to work on form.


Alt. DB Snatch 45/30

Immediately into;

DB Power Cleans 45/30's

Time CAP: 10:00
*RX+ 50/35s

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