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15:00 to complete 
4 Rounds 
10-15 Dbell Bench Press
10/10 Gorilla KB Rows
10/10 Hollow Body Russian Twists 
20 Russian KB Swings 
*Thought today would be a great day for some accessory lifts and core work after the past two days.
**All weights are as heavy as possible but with great form and full range of motion.

5:00 Rest 

Death by Bike :0
15:00 Ladder 
Min 1 - 1 Cal 
Min 2 - 2 Cal 
Min 3 - 3 Cal
Min 4 - 4 Cal.......
Keep adding 1 Cal each minute.
*This get really ugly towards the end!!! If you can't keep up.....push as hard as you can each minute until the end. 

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